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07.07.2018 06:46
Can't burn MP3 music disks Antworten


I use Windows 7 64 bit Home Edition and MediaMonkey Gold Edition and cannot burn MP3 music CD disks which can be read by my Bose Radio. Even burning regular music CD disks are usally readable but seem to have errors on one or more songs per disk.When I had Windows XP SP3, I had no problems burning MP3 and regular music disks. Those old burned disks still work perfectly. It appears my brand, new high speed Dell is simply incompatible with my old disk players in the Bose and in my car. I tried changing masks but it doesn't help. I upgraded MM to and tried to use a mask with just a 3 digit number under \Music in case some titles were the problem. The CD is still rejected with an error from the Bose. Its possible that Amazon has started protecting MP3 downloads since 2010. All my other songs were from 2009 or earlier. Its also possible that my disc drive is burning all discs as 64 bit and my old 32 bit or even less readers just cannot read them. Does anyone have some idea how to correct this problem?

Any help will be apprecited.

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