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Biographie Now more and more fitness people like to do muscle training, which can help them build a better body, improve their temperament, and make themselves more masculine. When we talk about building muscle, we think of all kinds of fitness equipment we use in our lives, and dumbbells are one of the most used fitness equipment in our lives.

95% of exercisers believe that dumbbells are more convenient and easy to carry, especially the lighter ones. If you feel too light for the dumbell, you can also add some free weight or free weight accessories like weight plate to fit you. However, the advantages of dumbbells are manifold.

1. Relative stability

A lot of people have done research on dumbbells, barbells and dumbbells are used for training in our training process. The experimental results show that the effects of barbell and dumbbell press on the chest muscles and biceps are mostly the same, but for the exercise of the biceps, the stabilizing effect of dumbbells will be more obvious, and more muscle groups can be involved, and the effect is significant. It also ensures its own stability.

2. to maintain balance

Unbalanced muscle training not only occurs in the body of fitness novice, but even experienced drivers cannot escape this problem. The muscles of the left and right arms or legs are unbalanced. When training on one side, it is necessary to strengthen the weak link, and dumbbells are sufficient for fitness practitioners. It can not only make up for the exercise, but also maintain the balance of the muscles on both sides of the thigh.

3. The effect will be better

Dumbbell training belongs to free strength training. Compared with fixed equipment, free strength training will have better training effect, because the degree of freedom of dumbbell training can be controlled by ourselves, and the range of motion of fixed equipment is fixed. , So, dumbbell training is better and more popular.

In addition to dumbbells, barbells are also the most used equipment in fitness. I believe everyone is familiar with the movement of barbell bending over rowing, because this movement is the movement we use the most when exercising the back muscles. The advantage of the barbell movement is that it can combine the muscles on our body to exercise, just For example, the barbell bent over rowing action, when we do this action, not only the latissimus dorsi, but the entire back muscle will exert force.

The biggest advantage of barbell bent over rowing is that it is easy to find the feeling, and the second is that it is easy to adjust the training weight and there is no threshold. Pull-ups are a threshold movement, and many people can't complete it once. The barbell bent over rowing allows you to adjust the weight at will.

The most important thing is to find the feeling easily. When we exercise the back muscles, we always spend a long time looking for the strength of the back muscles, because many people can't find the pump to hit the back muscles when exercising the back muscles. If there is no pump, there will be no exercise efficiency, and the effect of exercise will be very poor.

And when we bend over and row the barbell, our scapula will be more fully mobilized. The advantage of this is that almost all the muscles of our back muscles are attached to the scapula, so when mobilizing the scapula, our back is wide. The muscles will have a very full exercise effect. Many people may know that the muscles of the reverse-grip barbell rowing will feel better. In fact, it is because our scapulae are more fully contracted during the reverse grip, so the back muscles will feel better.

Except for what mentioned above, there are many other tools you may used for fitting or exercise like Bumper Plate, Functional Bar, Functional Training, Kettlebell, Weightlifting Bar and so on. 
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